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Mould Protect Wax Clear 500ml - MPW501

Mould Protect Wax Clear 500ml - MPW501

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An application of Mouldpro, Mould Protect MPW501 Clear Wax anticorrosive spray to your CNC tooling prevents the tool holders from corroding and sticking in the machine's electrospindle.

  • Does not require film removal prior to use
  • Prevents damage to plastic tool forks caused by stuck tooling
  • This agent does not creep
  • Supplied in aerosol form, all aerosols are free of fluorocarbons

Download Mouldshop Mouldpro Wax Protect Clear MPW501 Safety Data Sheet Here

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“Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Regulations 1998 (PUWER), states that
equipment provided for use at work should
be safe for use and maintained in a safe

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