Biesse Skipper 130 Decommission | Definitive Machine Services

Project: Pre-Purchase inspection

Product: Skipper A & Skipper 130

Prior to purchase, our customer wanted the reassurance that his investment in a Biesse Skipper 130 and a Biesse Skipper A was going to be worthwhile....

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Biesse Rover B Training | Definitive Machine Services

Project: Operator & Software Training

Product: Biesse Rover B7

Having purchased a Biesse Rover B CNC Router, this interior design company required operator training and software training to maximise the potential of their investment....

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Biesse Skill installation and training | Defintive Machine Services

Project: Installation / Commissioning/Operator Training/Software Training (bSolid)

Product: Biesse Skill 15.36

To strengthen their position within their respective market, our customer purchased a 2nd hand Biesse Skill 15.36 G FT CNC Router. D M Services provided....

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Biesse Rover Support | Definitive Machine Services

Project: PC Recovery and Reload

Product: Biesse Rover A4.30

Faced with the prospect of having to purchase a new PC following a Hard Drive failure, our customer called us to see if we could help. We installed a new HDD and reloaded it with factory software....

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Biesse Uniline Installation and Training | Definitive Machine Services

Project: Installation / Commissioning

Project: Biesse Uniline

The latest edition to our customer’s already successful joinery business is this great window / door machining centre. It will offer him the capacity

Biesse CNC Support | Definitive Machine Services

Project: Preventative Maintenance

Product: Biesse Rover B 1536 FT 5-Axis

A Preventative Maintenance Service to your CNC woodworking machine can highlight potential issues, increase uptime, and increase the resale value of your machine....

Project: Edgebander Breakdown

Product: Biesse Akron 440

Integral to our customer’s production capability is a Biesse Akron 440. So when thick glue started appearing on the presser rollers and edge trimming units, they knew something was up....

Project: Bargstedt & Holzma Installation

We assisted with a Bargstedt board storage installation and a Holzma beam saw, to enable our customer to improve their work flow and...

Project: Biesse Skipper Drill Head Repair.

Biesse Skipper machines are one of the most effiecient and productive machines for processing panels. So when a bearing fails inside the geabox, we can repair them so that you don't have to replace the whole head.

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