Increase your uptime, not your downtime. We offer comprehensive planned maintenance contracts for a range of CNC Woodworking machinery, including CNC Routers, Beam Saws, Lifters, Stackers, and Combination Machines to name a few. 


New or used, you want to know that your new asset does what you want it to do – contact us for machinery inspections, before you sign on the dotted line. 


Nobody likes a unreliable CNC woodworking machine – especially one that you are so reliant upon. We offer a range of repairs and upgrades to CNC and conventional woodworking machinery. Contact us for a quotation and availability


For used machinery – Once you have acquired your asset, we can handle everything – Lift, shift, installation, commissioning, and training*. Contact us for more information and a free no obligation quotation.

We have over 30 years experience in the engineering industry, and over 14 years experience in the woodworking industry – that’s what makes us different

Our mission

To offer an affordable repair / service / installation alternative once your CNC Machine is out of manufacturers’ warranty

Our offer