• Service

    We offer comprehensive planned maintenance contracts for a range of CNC Woodworking machinery, including CNC Routers, Beam Saws, Lifters, Stackers, and Combination Machines to name a few. 

  • Repair

    Nobody likes a unreliable CNC woodworking machine – especially one that you are so reliant upon. We offer a range of repairs and upgrades to CNC and conventional woodworking machinery. Contact us for a quotation and availability

  • Install

    For used machinery – Once you have acquired your asset, we can handle everything – Lift, shift, installation, commissioning, and training*. Contact us for more information and a free no obligation quotation.

  • Inspect

    Don't just "kick-the-tyres" on your next CNC Woodworking / advanced-material machine, have Definitive Machine Services give it a proper inspection BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

  • Remote Support

    For many CNC Woodworking / Advanced Materials machine manufacturers, a Service Department is seen as a necessary expense, so it's no surprise that some are looking to a paid-Hotline service as a way of getting back in the black. But who says you HAVE to use the manufacturer to support your CNC machine? Can only a manufacturer remotely diagnose and resolve an issue? At Definitive Machine Services, we have over 10 years' experience remotely diagnosing issues on Biesse CNC Machinery - so when we say we're qualified, we mean it. The next time you have a breakdown, try us out!

  • Acceptance Tests

    Before comitting to your purchase, call us to accompany you on your next CNC machine acceptance Test. We have the experience and technical ability to envisage whatever process and technological restraints your new asset may pose.
    We have identified cross-compatibility issues, machinery limitations and software shortfalls on many CNC machines - don't let your next CNC let you down

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