Biesse Skipper Drill Head Repair

Project: Biesse Skipper Drill Head recondition

Product: Biesse Skipper 100

When a bearing inside a drill head fails, you may or may not notice that it has failed. Sometimes production demands dictate that the machine is kept in production, and that further damage outweighs the need for repair. However, prolonged use of the machine, with a failed bearing, can lead to damage to the casting that encases the gears. That's exactly what happened when our customer came to us with a Biesse Skipper 100 that had been used for a lengthy period with a failed bearing. The collapsed bearing allowed the gear to grind the casting away and eventually wonder through the casting. What should've been a round hole allowing the spindle to protrude through the casting, became a keyhole shape. 

We have the expertise to be able to weld, machine, and rebuild drill heads and gearboxes to exact tolerances so that you can get back in production. 

  • Collection, strip-down and reporting
  • On-Site support available for inspection, plant removal, and re-installation
  • Root cause failure analysis (Biesse Drill Units Only)
  • Welding
  • CNC Machining of drill head units
  • Asset Management