About Us

Our Mission

At Definitive Machine Services: We’re determined to provide our customers with a viable alternative to manufacturer-led service solutions. We’re a company you can trust with reactive and proactive maintenance solutions for your CNC woodworking machinery and CNC Advanced-Material machinery, and we’re fully-insured. 

 “Over 14 years of Woodworking experience”

We have worked for some of the industries leading CNC Machine tool manufacturers, and so our training methods reflect that of our (then) employers. With over 14 years experience in the woodworking and advanced-material industries, we have the knowledge and experience to provide meaningful reactive and proactive service solutions, as well as informative and engaging training sessions. 

 “You have a choice”

Only by having the relevant experience and skills are we able to resolve technical faults on the machines we work with. We’ve engineered-out repetitive issues on numerous woodworking/advanced material machines – providing our customers with the return-of-investment that they richly deserve.


“We’re fully-insured

When it comes to CNC woodworking/ advanced materials machinery support – you have a choice. Once out of warranty, who says you have to stick with the CNC manufacturer for preventative and reactive support? Can only a manufacturer relocate your machine to your new factory? Can only a manufacturer provide remote support? Absolutely not. Contact us today to see how Definitive Machine Services can assist in all of the above