Project: Operator Training/Software Training

Product: Biesse Rover B7

Having purchased a Biesse Rover B CNC Router, this interior design company required operator training and software training to maximise the potential of their investment. Liaising with their chosen tooling company, DM Services arrived at the best tooling, speeds, and feeds for cutting Compact/Trespa.

Biesse Rover B7.50
Biesse Skill CNC Router

Project: Installation / Commissioning/Operator Training/Software Training (bSolid)

Product: Biesse Skill 15.36

To strengthen their position within their respective market, my customer purchased a 2nd hand Biesse Skill 15.36 G FT CNC Router. DM Services provided installation, commissioning, software (bSolid) training, and operator training. This much-needed addition will put them in good stead to win future contracts and has already generated enquiries from neighbouring companies

Project: PC Recovery and Reload

Product: Biesse Rover A4.30

Faced with the prospect of having to purchase a new PC following a Hard Drive failure, my customer called me to see if I could help. I installed a new HDD and reloaded it with factory software. Unfortunately no backups could be recovered so it was a fresh start for all the data. Back in production soon after the failure and mitigating steps were put in place against future data loss. 

Biesse Uniline

Project: Installation / Commissioning

Product: Biesse Uniline

The latest edition to my customer’s already successful joinery business is this great window / door machining centre. It will offer him the capacity to deal with his expanding solid wood order book and will put him in a good position for legacy contracts and products.

Project: Pre-Purchase inspection

Product: Biesse Skipper 130 and Skipper A

Prior to purchase, my customer wanted the reassurance that his investment in a Biesse Skipper 130 and a Biesse Skipper A was going to be worthwhile. I accompanied my customer on-site and gave a detailed technical inspection report outlining the current and potential issues on both machines. This type of visit can affect the sale price and give potential buyers a beneficial insight into current and future machine performance.

Biesse Skipper 130
Biesse Rover B 1536 FT 5-Axis

Project: Preventative Maintenance

Product: Biesse Rover B 1536 FT 5-Axis

A Preventative Maintenance Service to your CNC woodworking machine can highlight potential issues, increase uptime, and increase the resale value of your machine. Here, I performed a 40-point PM Service on this Biesse Rover B so that the owner could be assured that his machine would perform for him when required.  

Project: Remote Software Training and Operator Training

Product: Biesse Rover A 1564 FT

After purchasing a used Rover A 1564 FT, my customer in the Republic of Ireland required training. Acting on Government advice regarding the pandemic, remote Software and Operator Training was the solution. I gave two days BiesseWorks training, followed by Operator Training. This left my customer confident that he and his operators could produce the components that his business and customers relied upon.

Biesse Klever 2236

Project: Router Squareness

Product: Biesse Klever 2236

Having a router that is not perpendicular to the machine bed can cause low suction and vacuum pressure, resulting in parts moving and potentially being scrapped. During the installation of a used Biesse Klever 2236, I noticed that when I was skimming the sacrificial board, the spindle was not square to the bed (evident in the “waves” on the board in the image). I squared the router to the matrix table to within 0.05mm, improving the suction and pressure of the vacuum.

Project: Edgebander Breakdown

Product: Biesse Akron 440

Integral to my customer’s production capability is a Biesse Akron 440. So when thick glue started appearing on the presser rollers and edge trimming units, they knew something was up. I visited and stripped the glue pot down. There I diagnosed a faulty heating element in the glue roller, thus not getting the glue up to the correct temperature. The correct part number was given to my customer allowing them to return to full production and being able to offer quality-edged Shop-fitting products once again

Biesse Akron 440